I am so excited about doing our daily advent readings this year. I felt compelled to forego the advent book we’d used before and search out scriptures for us to read each night.

We bought the wooden advent box from Target. It is a beautiful green with 25 little doors. Some doors have the corresponding number on them, and some have white snowflakes painted on. It really is lovely. And when you open each door, there is enough room for a small treat or slips of paper or a tiny gift.

We have placed two slips of paper behind each door. One slip has the name of someone (or a family) for whom we can pray. The other slip has a scripture reference on it for our advent reading. Some evenings, the children may find a small treat behind the door or a slip of paper to lead them to a treat, but not every night.

I am very excited about the scripture verses God led me to. The first half of the month, we will read Old Testament verses of prophecy concerning Jesus. I am sure we will discuss their fulfillment as we read and talk about them. It will be fun to see the children put it all together as they recognize how Jesus fulfilled each prophecy.

The second half of the month, we will read through the Christmas story. Matthew’s account, Luke’s account, even Mark’s account of John the Baptist (so we can see prophecy fulfilled again). We’ll read it in small-ish chunks so we can really absorb the story and learn from the details.

This advent box has a door for December 25. As I sought out what to read on December 25, I felt drawn to Psalms of praise. This is just perfect because as the children and I listed people to pray for this month, I got to the last spot and my Rachel yelled, “How about thanks?! Not asking, but thanking.” So, on Christmas morning, we won’t be praying for, asking for, anything or anyone; we’ll be praising God. And we’ll be reading Psalms of praise. After a whole month of reading through all the fulfilled prophecy and the details of how Jesus became one of us in order to redeem us, we sure will feel like praising God on Christmas morning!

See why I’m so excited?!



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2 responses to “Advent

  1. Aunt Tammy

    Wow! That’s great! Would you please share your verses with us? We are making our own advent wreath out of pine boughs, holly, pinecones, etc. from around the farm and candles. We’ve done this before, but have used all of the advent books/phamplets we can find!
    Would you mind to share? We have to get started tomorrow! (we’ll take all the verses you have!)

  2. We’re reading the Jesse Tree scriptures for Advent this year. We are enjoying this change so far. 🙂 I have had to hide our advent calendar because Aidan decided to help himself to it in the kitchen yesterday morning and had a few Hershey’s kisses before we caught him…

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