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Fire Safety

So . . . if a fire alarm ever goes off, you can easily spot my kids. They’ll be the only ones standing around yelling, “Dinner’s ready!” Continue reading



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Tic, Tic, Tic

My seven year-old daughter has Tourette Syndrome. Some days, the tics are just no big deal. Actually, most days, the tics are just no big deal. Some days, we laugh about some tics because, honestly, it can just seem ridiculous that her body would want to stretch her arms out in this perky cheerleader move at random moments. But other days, well . . . other days, she and I both end up in tears. Sunday evening was a little bit of both the latter. Continue reading


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True or False

OK, some of you don’t care for this type of thing. 🙂 That’s OK. You don’t have to read it. But I’m a sucker for these little get-to-know-you-games. Ask the women in my church ladies’ circle. I made them play these goofy mixer games at every meeting for a whole year. (And I got some good dirt on most of them. 🙂 ) So, if you’re interested, read on. If not, don’t Continue reading


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Beautiful Worship Service

Sunday, we had some beautiful time of worship with our church. Richard Kiser, an excellent guitarist, and Jimmy Davis, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist played and sang Christmas songs during our morning worship hour and during our Sunday evening candlelight service. Continue reading

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Christian Liberty

It seems that I keep bumping into the theme of Christian liberty. JavaDawn has this great post. Storbakken has a good post and comment section about Christmas trees that ends up being more about Christian liberty than Christmas trees, I think. And Tim Challies has written about how we school our children, which winds up being about Christian liberty as well. We are also studying Romans 14 in my Sunday School class. And this subject is certainly one the Holy Spirit has been chiseling away at my heart about for quite some time now. So, bear with me as I share my rambling thoughts with you. Continue reading


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Why Jesus Came As A Baby . . .

according to my daughter. 🙂

Last year, when Rachel was six years old and in first grade, she was explaining to her brothers why Jesus came to earth as a baby.

“Jesus came to earth as a baby because He didn’t want to scare everyone by opening up the clouds and saying, ‘Here I am!’.”

🙂 Just thought I’d share that wisdom with you during this Christmas season.


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Favorite Christmas Movie

images1.jpgWhat is your favorite Christmas movie?

I love Miracle on 34th Sreet and A Charlie Brown Christmas . . . for starters. There are others, but I want to hear yours.

What are you watching this Christmas season?


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