Your Favorite Christmas Album?

The weekend after Thanksgiving kicks off our Christmas-music-season. So on our 4-hour drive home from our long Thanksgiving weekend, we pulled up the Christmas mix on the iPod and enjoyed our favorites.

I’ll post some of my favorite Christmas albums soon, but let me ask you — what is your favorite Christmas CD?



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4 responses to “Your Favorite Christmas Album?

  1. Patrick

    You know this one – Bruce Cockburn “Christmas”

  2. Gosh.. hard question.. i will have to think!
    In Jesus,
    Maria in the UK

  3. Nickole

    I love Martina McBride’s Christmas album!

  4. Ewen

    “Christmas” by Low.
    “One from the Heart” by Tom Waits. While not a Christmas album per se, it fits in well with the sometimes melancholic aspects of the holiday season. It’s beautiful and still my favorite Waits album.

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