The Gift of Discontentment

Yes, that’s right. The gift of discontentment.

I’m working through the Women of Faith Bible study on “Cultivating Contentment” with some other MOPS moms. Our mentor Vickie is leading it, and after one group session, I know this is going to be GREAT.

The writers of this study present an idea that I have never considered before — viewing discontentment as a gift. “Why is it that nothing on this earth brings us complete satisfaction? Perhaps it’s a gift from God. Think about it. Would you really want this broken, sinful world to be the fulfillment of your wildest dreams? Aren’t you glad to know something far better awaits us?”

Hmmm . . . never thought about it like that before. This study brings out the idea that when we feel sort of blue for no reason or when we cry about something beautiful or when we feel a longing or hungering for something more — it’s a homesickness for Heaven. At the end of the second chapter, I underlined these sentences: “Thank the Lord for the restlessness in your soul. It helps to remind you that this world is not your true home.”

Of course, we can’t complain all the time and be totally ungrateful for God’s provisions. But when we feel that unsettled feeling, that hope for more, that feeling of incompleteness, we can recognize it as our soul’s hankering for Heaven.

Psalm 17:15 — “As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness.”

Someday I will be completely satisfied, utterly content. Until then, my soul will hunger — even groan — for the presence of my Lord.



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4 responses to “The Gift of Discontentment

  1. Beautiful. Makes me wish that I was doing this study too… šŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous

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  4. I love your website! This article really hits home with me! Sounds like you are listening to my heart.

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