Blue Like Jazz – Part 1

Chapter Two of _BLue Like Jazz_ is called “Problems.” Donald Miller describes watching the news and seeing horrible atrocities happening around the world, like the genocide in Congo. Donald is telling his friend Tony about the two and a half million people who (at that time) had been killed in three years and about the women who had been repeatedly raped.

Tony asks Donald if he could ever do something like that, like rape women or kill people.

(from the book)–

“I honestly couldn’t believe he was asking the question.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Are you capable of murder or rape or any of the stuff that is taking place over there?”


“So you are not capable of any of those things?” he asked again. He packed his pipe and looked at me to confirm my answer.

“No, I couldn’t,” I told him. “What are you getting at?”

“I just want to know what makes those guys over there any different from you and me. They are human. We are human. Why are we any better than them, you know?”

Tony had me on this one. If I answered his question by saying yes, I could commit those atrocities, that would make me evil, but if I answered no, it would suggest I beleived I am better evolved than some of the men in Congo. And then I would have some explaining to do.”

Donald goes on to write about sin nature, and how it reallys shows up all the time, everywhere around us. About how it’s easier for humans to do bad things than good things. He writes about how we have to train our children to do good, to know right from wrong, because doing good does not come naturally to us.

It really is true. All we have to do is watch the news or click on to see sin nature in our world. It’s everywhere. It’s a sickness. Donald Miller calls it a sickness of the soul that shows itself “in loneliness, lust, anger, jealousy, and depression.” I think that’s a valid description.

I really like viewing sin as a sickness that Jesus came to heal. If we view it this way, then we have compassion on sinners. We surely don’t judge cancer patients for having cancer. We have compassion on them, and we want to love them and help them. If we view people stuck in sin — adulterers, homosexuals, thieves, murderers, liars — the same way, won’t we have a greater chance of impacting their lives? They are sick with a horrible soul disease called sin. We know the Doctor who can cure them because He cured us of the same disease.

What’s the difference between me and the men in Congo who rape and murder hundreds or thousands? Jesus is the difference. I know Him, and they need to know Him. He’s the only Doctor who can cure them of their terminal illness.



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2 responses to “Blue Like Jazz – Part 1

  1. martha

    And isn’t it amazing that our Doctor cured us by taking what was killing us onto Himself?

    Love you, Jenn. Keep up the powerful posts!

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