Finally Back

I haven’t blogged in quite a while and after two women’s conferences and a couple good books, I sure do have a lot to say. 🙂

At the MOPS Convention, Donald Miller read from his book _Blue Like Jazz_. As soon as we got home, I ordered it from Amazon. I have only just begun reading it, but I think this book is going to shake up my view of Christianity. I know parts of it will make me uncomfortable, and I probably won’t agree with everything in the book, but I’m excited about reading it.

Barely into the book, Patrick and I have become convicted about some of our ideas. Our toes have been stepped on. We are re-examining some of our opinions. Boy oh boy is this going to be good for us!

I hope to blog as I read. But I also hope to read it quickly because Patrick wants to take it with him on a soon-upcoming business trip. We’ll see how it works out. We really should have bought two copies. Wonder if I can convince him to stop by Barnes & Noble tomorrow to get his own copy? 🙂

Donald Miller writes about how some unbelievers are turned off of Christianity because we mix up Jesus with politics. Miller points out that Jesus (when He was on earth) was not a political figure. So Patrick and I have been talking about this. When Jesus came to earth, there were plenty of political statements He could have made. Paul, Peter, James . . . all of them could have become politically active to bring about social changes, governmental changes. But they didn’t. This is the great omission I have missed all these years.

Instead, Jesus showed His concern for individuals. As He walked on the earth, He sought out individuals. Jesus changes lives one person at a time. That’s what we’re supposed to do! And if we love Jesus and spend time with Him, spend so much time with Him that He rubs off on us and we start to love people like He loves people, then we’ll bring people to Him — one person at a time. And as individuals change, then culture and politics will change. But that’s not our real goal; it’s just going to be a fringe benefit of having more and more people fall in love with Jesus. We’ve been getting it backward!!

Most of us would agree that our country and our culture and our political climate is a big mess because Christians have let it happen. But until I started reading this book, I thought it was because Christians haven’t been conservative enough in voting and because Christians haven’t been involved enough in politics and policy-making. But that’s wrong! We’re in this mess because Christians haven’t loved enough, because Christians haven’t been obeying Jesus’ last instruction to us. We haven’t been sharing the Gospel with everyone everywhere. We’ve been sitting on our treasure chest (as I heard Jill Briscoe say recently – but that’s another blog entry!).

The way to change our culture and our country is to change individuals. And the only way to change individuals who are trapped in sin is to introduce them to their Rescuer.

It’s time for us Christians to stop thinking politically, to stop hating liberals, and to start thinking in terms of the Great Commission and to start loving people the way Jesus loves them.

Does this mean I have to stop reading Ann Coulter? I bet Donald Miller has just ruined the pleasure of her books for me.



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4 responses to “Finally Back

  1. Excellent points!!!

    And as I read your thoughts, it hit me…the people in Jesus’ day did think that He was a political figure! That’s what they thought He was there for – to overthrow the Romans once and for all! When He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and the crowd was waving palm branches…they were making a political statement. Waving a palm branch was very similar to waving a flag at a parade. And “Hosanna”? It was was a political statement.

    And yet they totally missed the point (at least at first).


  2. yes, Keer. You’re right.

  3. Rachel

    Your post was really interesting. I was just recently reading a book that made the same point and I had to rethink much of what I have believed about Christians in society as well. If we can love others and really invest time and energy (not as a project, but because we really do love them)that is the heart of what it’s all about.
    I’m glad to see you’re back. I stumbled across your blog in the summer and was disapointed when you stopped updating it.

  4. Heather

    I enjoyed this post. Yes- Lord help us to love people! We make it so complicated! I too was very glad to see another blog entry- almost gave up on seeing an update after checking it daily for a month! But with 6 children myself, I understand :)–>

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