Update on Are We Being Manipulated?

I was glad to see this Michelle Malkin column today. It’s all about Hezbollah’s manipulation of the media. We will probably never know an accurate count of civilians who have died.

I feel sorry for the people in Lebanon. Many of them are not involved with Hezbollah and would probably prefer their country had not been hijacked by this terrorist organization. Bridges are out; communities have been destroyed; and there are children growing up in the midst of this. I do not want to trivialize the horror that is happening in Lebanon and Israel. But it takes a special kind of depravity to use the bodies of dead children for propaganda. It takes a special kind of evil to pose dead bodies for the media, to do several takes and transfer bodies from one stretcher to another to try to get a better picture. It takes a mind completely given over to sin to dig up the bodies of dead children in order to get one more photo op out of them.

What can we do? It seems so frustrating. First, we can realize that not everything we see is real and that we can’t rely on the 6 o’clock news to tell us the complete truth. We need to get our news from several different sources and be very aware of the bias from each news source. Next, and this is probably the most important — we can pray for the Christians in Lebanon and Israel. I recently heard reports from a Christian pastor in Lebanon. He said Christians are risking their lives to give help and aid to unbelievers. Though it would be easy for the Christians to hide out in their homes, many are risking everything to share what they have and give care to those around them. In some places, people who would never normally enter a Christian church are coming there for safety or food or some other sort of aid. What an opportunity this gives for Christians to share the hope that is within them. Let’s pray that God — who is a Master at bringing good from evil — would use this time to bring many to Christ.


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  1. Amen, I couldnt agree with you more. I have had these very same thoughts on the situation sad as it is. All we can do is pray!

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