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I’ve been thinking about Peter for a while now. I relate to Peter. Peter was a talker. It seems like things were in Peter’s mind and out his mouth without spending a lot of time in a filter somewhere in-between. I can relate. But Peter was also right in the middle of things. He wanted to be involved, right there with Jesus. Peter is the one who walked on the water. Then, later, when Peter saw Jesus far off, he put on his outerwear and jumped right out of the boat. (Did he expect to walk on the water again?) Peter is also the one who was ready to battle for Jesus, cutting off the ear of the high priest’s servant. So Peter was in the middle of the action and tended to act impulsively. I can relate to that too.

So, I enjoy studying about Peter. It’s encouraging to me to see the transformation in Peter and it gives me hope that God can do something with me too.

Recently, I had a sort of light-bulb moment about Peter. As I read about Peter’s denial of Christ and then looked at Peter’s preaching and teaching in the book of Acts, I was astounded at the difference in him. What caused that difference? Here’s the light-bulb part —- the Holy Spirit. Of course Peter denied Christ before the Crucifixion. At that point, the only power Peter had within him was his own power. His own power and his own good intentions were not enough. So Peter denied Christ. Then, per Jesus’ instructions, Peter and the others waited in the upper room for the power of the Holy Spirit to indwell them. Wow! This made all the difference! Now, look at Peter! After the Holy Spirit indwells him, it’s not just Peter and his own good intentions; it’s Jesus-In-Peter. And Peter cannot deny Christ because God cannot deny Himself.

So many times, my attempts to live for Christ result just like Peter’s good intentions before the Crucifixion. That’s because I rely on my own power and my own good intentions. But when I shrink down and have Christ-In-Jennifer living and working, I can do all things!



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5 responses to “Peter

  1. Trying-to-live-in-our-own-power and not that of the HS must be a disease of the flesh for sure–I struggle with it daily–and just hate it that I do.

  2. Hey Jenn – I’m here for 2 things, one to see if I can mooch your question from AiM and blog on it πŸ™‚ (You can email me thru Choosing Home, if it’s ok. If you’re going to blog on it, may I link up with you??)

    Two,to say, I love Peter!! One of the things I love the most about him? His humaness – I love when he sees he’s messed the whole thing up…he’s disgusted with himself, he’s probably a bit disgusted with the Lord, (“Hey Dude, I thought you were going to kick the Romans out of here and become King – what’s with this Cross stuff?”) so what does he do? He does the only thing he knows to do well. I love that the Lord even records it for us – they’re all sitting around. Peter, disgusted, ashamed and just sick at heart says, “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going fishing. (And I can hear the next line) It’s the only thing I can do without messing up.” πŸ™‚ Ok, so that’s what *I* would say. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great word!

  3. martha

    Thank you so much for the encouraging reminder! I like the way you wrote Jesus-in-Peter and tying together God’s not being able to deny Himself when His Spirit is in Peter and in us. Keep sharing those lightbulb moments! Love you.

  4. Well, that whole God was IN Peter and God can’t deny Himself was my lightbulb moment. God wasn’t IN Peter when Peter denied Christ. I don’t think Peter could help denying Christ because all he had to rely on was his own strength and power. He was just Peter.

    It’s easy to be tough on those disciples in the Gospels. You know?

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for thinking of and posting on this important subject. I’ve been listening to some really wonderful, insiteful sermons on the same subject by Pastor James Knox, In one sermon (on the fruit of the Spirit) he points out that many things we see as spiritual are actually works of the flesh, or can be. Like Bible reading, church attending, even witnessing. Now, of course, the Holy Spirit can and does use these things, but the point was that these are not what God is calling things of the Holy Spirit. What God sees as a spirit-led Christian is one who is full of “love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.” This set of sermons have been a real blessing and help to me, someone not at all unfamiliar with the Bible, having grown up in a wonderful Christian home and now living in an Asian country as a missionary’s wife.

    Just wanted to say I found your site from Choosing Home and have enjoyed your posts.


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