Are We Being Manipulated?

You have to check out this. It’s a blog which contains some great links with information about Green Helmet Guy. Have you heard of him? He is this guy who keeps showing up in the media photos of war-torn Lebanon. He’s also been filmed directing photograhers and videographers and setting up photo shoots, so to speak, of dead children. It’s very disturbing.

It’s also a clear indication of the media manipulating the news — or, at the very least, allowing groups like Hezbollah to manipulate the news.

Reuters has admitted that some of its employees have photoshopped pictures. With the ease of using Photoshop, you have to wonder how often this happens. How many of the pictures we see have been altered? Or, if not altered, flat-out staged?

Dan Riehl dissects a video and explains how it appears Lebanese “rescue workers” (or members of Hezbelloh) move bodies of dead children from one location to another to make for more dramatic photographs and to increase the numbers of dead civilians.

The media is not only manipulating the news. They are manipulating your emotions, manipulating your understanding of the truth.



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4 responses to “Are We Being Manipulated?

  1. Wow this is so interesting! I think you could be on to something not so wonderful. How do you think we find out news without being manipulated? Without bias? I’d really like your thoughts!

    From your comments at Molly’s–you had a kid pee in the air vent?? That is too funny! Of course, I mix really odd combinations of food–so if my kids did that–there might be a reason!

  2. First — yes, I had a kid pee in the air vent today. Granted, he didn’t do it on purpose (but probably only because he didn’t think of it). 🙂

    And yes, another child mixed 2 cups of water, a bunch of grated parmesan cheese, an egg (perfectly cracked), and I’m not sure what else. He said he planned to eat it. I told him he couldn’t eat raw eggs, it might make him sick. He looked at me as if I were the crazy one and said, “Yeah . .. .that’s why I was going to cook it in the microwave.”

    Finally, I don’t know how we find out the news without being manipulated. I’m not sure it’s possible to get news without bias. I guess we have to read it from several sources, to sort of balance out everything and get a few perspectives. And when we come upon blogs like the one I found on Townhall, we need to share them with each other to keep each other informed. *shrug* And we have to be mindful that what we see on the evening news or read in a mainstream newspaper or website is presented from a distinct worldview and perspective that we may not agree with.

    I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this.

  3. I’d love to hear what others have to say on this, too–I totally agree with your last paragraph! I read several sources on the internet–I rarely, rarely turn the tv on. What’s the town hall address?

    I would probably eat what your child was about to fix–but I would micro it–and that’s just too much water–otherwise, depending on what else he had there–sounds yum to me.

  4. is linked on the right of my main page. 🙂 It’s a great site.

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