Lifestyle Evangelism

What is lifestyle evangelism? Wikipedia says this is a form of evangelism in which a believer can encourage others to become believers if they demonstrate their faith by living a godly life.

Christians need to be involved in lifestyle evangelism. We all should live a good testimony before others so that God can be glorified.

Matthew 5:16 tells us “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Our lifestyle should reflect the personality of Christ because He lives in us. As we spend more time with God by reading His word and talking with Him, we will know Him better and become more like Him. We won’t be able to stop this from spilling over into our lifestyle. As John the Baptist said, Jesus will increase and we will decrease. (John 3:30)

I fear that some Christians stop there. Just as we cannot effectively share the Gospel of Christ unless we are living out the nature and personality of Christ, we cannot effectively share the Gospel unless we . . . and this is profound . . . share the Gospel with our mouths.

There is a time and place for street preaching and approaching total strangers to give them a tract and tell them about Jesus; but most of us are going to have more opportunities to share Christ with people we know and with whom we have formed a relationship. These are the people who should see Jesus reflected in our lives. They should see that Jesus affects every aspect of our lives —- how we spend our time, how we spend our money, how we raise our children, what books we read, what movies we watch, what traditions we develop. These people should be recipients of our love and mercy and kindness. And they should also hear us talk about our relationship with Christ.

We don’t have to brow-beat everyone with the Bible. We don’t have to preach at people or remind them repeatedly that we think they’re going to Hell. We don’t have to turn every conversation into an altar call. We don’t have to be scary and overbearing and obnoxious. But we should talk about Jesus.

If we’re spending time with God every day and if we’re praying without ceasing, carrying on a sort of non-stop conversation with God throughout the day, then talking about Him will be just as natural as talking about our husband or children. We can start by thinking of certain scenarios and planning ahead what we can say, then we can practice as we are out and about in our lives. After a while, it just becomes natural.

We don’t have to take the person down the Romans Road of Salvation in every conversation, but there will probably come a time in our relationship with an unbeliever when we can lovingly and candidly talk about our love for them and our concern for them. If we’re praying often and are sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we’ll know when that time is.

Yes, we Christians should be involved in lifestyle evangelism, but let’s not avoid actually talking about the Gospel and call it lifestyle evangelism.


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  1. Joy


    If you are going to “walk the talk” don’t forget to “talk the walk” so they know WHY. There are enough nice people who are lost and people need to know a Christian when they see one.

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