Some Positive Thoughts (before you schedule an intervention)

Because my last post has provoked people to offer me chocolate, movie tickets, airline tickets, and prozac, and because I fear my venting may have been an unintentional advertisement for birth control, I vow to post positive things today.

Some snippets of how wonderful my children can be: (I like to call these the light at the end of the tunnel moments, when I catch a glimpse of how all our teaching and training is sinking in.)

* When I had a bad migraine on Sunday, Caleb curled up beside me and smoothed my hair off my forehead. Then he leaned over and very gently kissed my head and told me how he hoped I felt better soon. He sat with me for several minutes (which is like a couple months in boy-time).

* Last night, as the thunder clapped and lightening flashed, Rachel sweetly sang her big sister, Lauren, to sleep. “Be brave, be strong, for the Lord your God is with you. Be brave, be strong, there’s nothing He can’t do.” I just stood in the shadows of the kitchen listening to Rachel encourage Lauren with scripture songs, reminding her of the truth that our God is mightier than the loud thunder and bright lightening.

* Randomly throughout my day, Silas runs full-speed at me to give me a giant kiss or hug. Sometimes those hugs and kisses are the absolute best three seconds of my day.

* Every time I open Jackson’s car door to get him out of his car-seat, he turns his head, half-closes his eyes, and pretends to snore. He can’t help but smile, so he always has the cutest goofy grin on his face as I lean over to kiss his cheek and wake him up.

* Some mornings Lauren makes coffee for her coffee-loving daddy. Only eight years old, she can put in the filter, scoop out the coffee, fill the pot with water, pour it in the machine, close it up, and watch it drip. Then she can pour it into his cup and add the preferred amount of creamer and sweetener. She loves to surprise Daddy by bringing him a cup of hot coffee on Saturday mornings.

* Before lunch yesterday, Caleb prayed (because Wednesday is his day to pray before meals) and after giving the usual thanks for the food and every member of our family and asking God the obligatory “help us have a good day;” out of the blue, he began thanking Jesus for taking our sins and dying on the cross for us and letting us come and be with Him forever and making it so we don’t have to go to Hell. I love it when those prayers come out of the middle of nowhere because it assures me my children do think about these truths even when I’m not preaching it at them.

* At nearly every meal, one of the children will volunteer to be last. They call it being “best for last” because of the Bible verse about the first being last and the last being first. They want to be best for last! I love that.

Now, we are cranking up Go Fish (link at right) and taking all the toys out of the boys’ room to sort through. Daddy is going to put together the “three-headed” bunk bed tonight, and everyone is excited. We’ve gotten the additional parts to make the boys’ regular Flexa bunk bed into a triple bunk. Of course, that doesn’t sound as exciting as a “three-headed” bunk, which is what my boys love to call it. (We also have a “two-headed” stroller.) So . . . . as we listen to the song about the ladybug frying on the sidewalk, we’re getting to work!



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2 responses to “Some Positive Thoughts (before you schedule an intervention)

  1. Did you guys have Trading Places for your VBS too? We know that Be Brave Be Strong song….

    Happy Friday!

  2. It was a song from VBS at Grandmama’s church.

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