Before we head outside to play, I suggest, “Hey, boys, you can take some Little People out to the sand table and pretend they’re at the beach!” I think my suggestion is clever and will be fun for them. I am pretty excited about my idea.

But my boys are not interested in regular sand and mere beaches. With a rather evil-sounding laugh, Silas looks to his brother and growls, “No. Let’s pretend it’s quicksand and they all get stuck!”

Looking surprised that he didn’t think of this wonderful idea, Caleb shouts with joy, “Yes! They can all drown in quicksand!”

The thought occurs to me that I am either raising children with excellent imaginations, or I am raising complete psychopaths.


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One response to “Imaginations

  1. reminds me of when Joseph and the shepherds were having a light saber and phaser battle with the armies of Herod. Then they all jumped in the toy stable which – to my surprise – could fly and escaped with Mary and the baby Jesus.

    Boys. Rock.

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